A selection of consignment store stocking new, and affordable pre-owned goods stuff. Unique - Delivering Subculture.

Retail Store Brand and provider of quality used goods, ranging from ordinary to rare items, curated and the best choices from us to satisfy customers and also be sustainable for us and the environment.

In this era of globalization, fashion is of course very loved by the public in general, especially young people, of course the level of consumptive is increasing so that the waste generated from these consumer goods has an impact on the environment, especially for the future, therefore we initiate how products that are that has been used for a long time can be reused by providing value and knowledge to customers, here we offer Secondhand or Thrifting goods from our own curation, which is at the forefront of our ethos, choosing genres and concepts that are in harmony with us, and helping to recycle some clothes and help the world at least, starting with the smallest things.

Apart from vintage items, we also sell new items, as well as thrifting, we also curate them, to get the best items for our customers.

The delivery of contemporary cultural messages in this modern era of course must be creative and unique so that the message can be conveyed even though it is in the form of posts and educational education in the form of Instagram microblogs, Facebook Articles and Blogs, therefore we also carry out programs with the community, especially Street Culture, including skateboarding, graffiti, murals, and of course other creative communities.

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